Amanda Bennicasa
Amanda Bennicasa

Case Study: Firstbase

Case Study: Firstbase

Currents played a pivotal role in Business Firstbase's smooth migration from Cypress to Playwright.

About Firstbase is a SaaS company based in New York City. The startup helps customers onboard remote staff, ensuring that new hires receive the required hardware when they need it.

Switching from Cypress to Playwright

As part of switching from Cypress to Playwright in October 2022, the Firstbase team was aiming to improve the effectiveness of troubleshooting the failing tests to avoid the hassle of going through CI logs to debug failed tests and collecting test performance analytics.

The decision to adopt Playwright over Cypress as a test automation framework was strategic. Playwright's advanced features, including multi-browser functionality and cross-domain testing, provided the missing elements for Firstbase.

A key advantage of Playwright is its open-source nature and regular maintenance. Notably, the Playwright's speed during a Proof of Concept (POC) stood out, promising faster feedback loops and increased productivity for the Firstbase team. Moreover, the Playwright's parallelism and sharding functionality emerged as decisive factors. This feature proved highly valuable, especially for splitting test executions into smaller, more manageable jobs, enhancing performance and scalability.

The migration process was completed within two weeks; the shift to Playwright wasn't just a tool change but a fundamental transformation in Firstbase's testing process.

The seamless integration of Currents with Playwright reinforced the decision to use the Currents Dashboard and its inherited Analytics and Test Reporting tool. @currents/playwright package provides a developer-friendly CLI executable that makes reporting the results easy. It facilitated the migration to Playwright and allowed the team to debug failed tests more efficiently.

Tangible Results with Currents

The impact of adopting Currents was tangible and remarkable.

Transformation of the Debugging process

Currents replaced the cumbersome task of navigating CI logs for debugging with an accessible and simplified interface for viewing test results.

Power of Analytic Tools

Engineers and management gained a high-level and low-level understanding of test health metrics, empowering more informed and detailed decision-making.

Streamlined Test Result Access

The Firstbase team benefits from a user-friendly interface that offers a seamless experience for viewing and interpreting test outcomes.

Currents Service and Support

Though challenges emerged during the journey, the responsive support team at Currents played a pivotal role. The team's responsiveness ensures timely issue resolution. Their proactive assistance during and after the migration provided a smooth experience, solidifying the partnership between Firstbase and Currents. Moreover, Currents is open to feedback and committed to continuous platform improvement.

Currents has a ton of features that enable better test automation reporting on a low and high level. Overall, we're very happy with the platform as a whole.

Mahtab Nejad - Lead Software Development Engineer in Test

Advantage of using Playwright with Currents

To sum up, the decision to embrace Playwright proved transformative. Its open-source nature, frequent maintenance, speed, and parallelism functionalities surpassed the experimental features of Cypress. Firstbase team observed a significant improvement in the platform's performance since the migration, and Currents Dashboard, its team's responsiveness, and technical support were crucial for their success!

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