Amanda Bennicasa
Amanda Bennicasa

Case Study: Ramp Network

Case Study: Ramp Network

How Currents and Playwright enabled Ramp Network to achieve world-class CI setup, enhancing test performance and reducing test flakiness.


Ramp Network is a global financial technology company that bridges the gap between the crypto economy and traditional financial infrastructure. Ramp provides a powerful fiat-to-crypto toolkit that enables anyone - from established brands to blockchain pioneers. Since 2018, Ramp has been refining its core on-ramp and off-ramp products to facilitate the mainstream adoption of web3 technologies.


Currents and Playwright helped Ramp to achieve world-class CI setup.


  • 📉 Test Flakiness reduced by 700%
  • 🚥 Average Flakiness rate nearly 0%
  • 🚀 Average Test Duration reduced by 32%
  • 🤖 CI machines scaled down by 62%

Challenges before using Currents

Ramp initially aimed to release a new version of its application without manual regression tests. While their lower-layer testing coverage was satisfactory, they realized their end-to-end (E2E) tests needed to be improved. Therefore, they opted to use Cypress testing framework, leveraging their existing manual test cases.

However, as Ramp's test suite expanded, they faced typical E2E testing challenges, including flakiness and slow execution. Therefore, Ramp started to look for a test reporting solution to get more insights into tests performance and trends.

Discovery and Evaluation

Ramp discovered Currents when looking for cost-effective alternatives to run and analyze Cypress tests. Currents demonstrated having all the features Ramp needed and the best balance of cost and value.

Currents Adoption

The migration to Currents was seamless. Within minutes, Ramp was able to integrate Currents into their testing suite and begin leveraging its features.

The integration was easy, and cooperation with the Currents team was flawless from the first day. We got what we needed and more. Flakiness analysis allowed us to define the direction.

Tomasz Wojciechowski - QA Lead

Use Cases

Currents empowered Ramp with test-level flakiness and failure analysis. Therefore, Ramp was able to identify and fix flaws not only within their tests but also within their testing environment and application itself.

In addition, Ramp uses Currents reports to monitor their test performance, including detection of trends and anomalies, and communicating the insights to the organization's stakeholders.

Migration to Playwright

The decision to migrate to Playwright was a response to Cypress's blocking of third-party services and aimed at mitigating the risk of disrupting their testing suite. The migration process was smooth, taking a little over a month to complete the entire project, all while ensuring that ongoing initiatives weren't interrupted. Although there were some minor issues during the initial setup, Currents support promptly addressed them.

Currents team were incredibly helpful during the migration from Cypress to Playwright. We were able to assess the new setup and compare the results with the previous one to ensure we performed the migration as we should.

Tomasz Wojciechowski - QA Lead

Ramp found Playwright's architecture to be more scalable, more performant, and less resource-consuming These aspects allowed them to scale down their CI machines fleet by 62%, resulting in significant cost savings.

Objectives and Tangible Results

Ramp's primary objectives with Currents include reducing test flakiness, decreasing test execution time, and improving testing efficiency.

Thanks to Currents, Ramp successfully reached their objective of significantly reducing test flakiness by 700%.

With a few hundred tests in their suite, they've achieved an average flakiness rate of nearly 0%. Moreover, their average test duration has been reduced by 32%, marking a substantial improvement.

Without Currents, we wouldn't have the data needed to improve our setup, deeply understand tests' failures, and monitor the process of implemented improvements.

Tomasz Wojciechowski - QA Lead

Product and Service Feedback

Ramp found Currents stable and reliable, even when using beta versions. They also praised Currents' exceptional technical support and responsiveness.

The best technical support I've worked with is the one I deeply value, the relationship we built. We are heard, and our suggestions are being implemented into the product. There is no topic or question without an answer and/or valuable discussion. The level of the Customer Relationship is exceptional as well. The goal of the Currents team is to solve our problems and make our world easier, and they show that over and over again.

Tomasz Wojciechowski - QA Lead


In summary, the partnership between Currents and Ramp has led to significant enhancements in Ramp's testing workflows. Starting with a need to enhance end-to-end testing capabilities, they found Currents a valuable solution.

The subsequent decision to switch from Cypress framework to Playwright was a practical response to mitigate risks associated with Cypress' third-party service blocks while benefiting from Playwright's scalability and resource efficiency. Looking ahead, Ramp is well-equipped to achieve their testing objectives, thanks to the features and support provided by Currents.

Currents is a reliable partner who is helping us achieve a world-class CI setup.

Tomasz Wojciechowski - QA Lead

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