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Playwright Dashboard. Record and debug CI tests in cloud.

Playwright reporter and cloud dashboard for E2E tests. Speed up CI E2E tests, record and debug E2E failures, get rid of flaky tests, share test reports, integrate with Slack, GitHub and more.

No credit card required. 10k test results, 10 team members included

Drop-in Replacement

Plug-and-play - no complex setup

Start using within minutes - no complex setup required to run Cypress and Playwright tests.

npm install @currents/playwright

pwc run --key secret --ci-build-id hello

Join 100s of pragmatic teams

Software development and QA teams use Currents to debug, troubleshoot and analyse parallel CI tests in Cloud. Cypress or Playwright

Why Currents?

Cost-efficient cloud dashboard to manage the complexity of running Cypress and Playwright tests at scale

Supporting Playwright and Cypress
Trusted by hundreds of teams
Seamless Integration
All features included

More value, up to x3 lower rates

Annual (1 month for free)
$US40/ month

10 team members

10K monthly / 120K yearly tests

$4 per 1K tests + $4 for extra 1K tests

All features included

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SSO (SAML 2.0)

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