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Playwright Dashboard. Record and debug CI tests in cloud.

Playwright reporter and cloud dashboard for E2E tests. Speed up CI E2E tests, record and debug E2E failures, get rid of flaky tests, share test reports, integrate with Slack, GitHub and more.

No credit card required. 10k test results, 10 team members included
Screenshots, Videos, Logs and Traces

Effective Debugging

Say goodbye to attaching traces to emails, saving screenshots and reports in CI, manually downloading videos, or searching for logs.

Use Currents for effective debugging of failures and flaky tests - all in one place, accessible to the whole team. Access historical results and insights like most frequent errors and flakiness reports. Debug failures with ease, unblock CI pipelines and make your team more productive.
  •   Playwright Traces
  •   Screenshots and Videos
  •   Console Output
  •   Error Details
  •   Historical Insights
  •   Step-Level Resolution 🤘
  •   Resilient to crashes
Flaky Test Detection

Detect, Monitor and Stabilize Flaky Tests

Focus your efforts on deflaking the most annoying flaky tests affecting your test automation workflow!

Randomly failing or passing tests are expensive to maintain and fix. End users face intermittent issues, CI pipelines become blocked, build time increases.

Currents automatically identifies flaky tests, alerts when a test is unreliable, detects anomalies in flakiness saving you hours or days of debugging!

Currents has proven to be an invaluable test reporting tool... Thanks to the Currents, our team can easily distinguish between flaky, failing, and slow tests, requiring minimal effort!

Adam Mardula

Adam Mardula

Senior Test Engineer at Business Insider

3rd Party Integrations

Integrate seamlessly with your test workflow

  • Receive essential information in Github Pull Requests or Gitlab Merge Requests.

  • Prevent merges in case of test failures.

  • Receive detailed notifications in Slack or MS Teams channel.

Create powerful automations using Currents HTTP Webhooks and REST APIs: cancel runs, build custom reports, stream the builds stats to your data lake, assign failed tests to teammates and more!

Running Cypress and Playwright tests at scale

Builds Tested Weekly
Overall Tests Recorded

Currents has been the backbone of our massively parallel end-to-end testing infrastructure

Bob Renwick

Bob Renwick

Co-Founder & Engineering Director at Plexi

Tests Orchestration

Speed Up CI E2E Tests

Reduce overall CI end to end test duration and save CI resources with Currents Test Orchestration.

Currents automatically balances the end to end Playwright and Cypress tests across multiple machines in the most optimal way:

  • - Up to 40% faster, compared to Playwright native sharding.
  • - Faster CI feedback loops.
  • - Better resources utilization, lower CI bills.
  • 🌲  Cypress Parallelization
  • 🎭   Playwright Orchestration
  • ☁️   Use Cloud Spot Instances
Test Metrics and Analytics

Test Reports

Observe, analyze and improve your tests' reliability and performance with Currents.

Enhance your team's collaboration by sharing the test reports with stakeholders.

Access detailed information to pinpoint unexpected variations in test metrics.

  • - Test Performance Reports: find the slowest test durations, most timed-out spec files, and correlations between test metrics.
  • - Flakiness Reports: identify top flaky errors and tests with the highest flakiness rates.
  • - Test Failure Analysis: detect top failing tests and those with the highest failure rates

  • ...and much more!

Drop-in Replacement

Plug-and-play - no complex setup

Start using within minutes - no complex setup required to run Cypress and Playwright tests.

npm install @currents/playwright

pwc run --key secret --ci-build-id hello

Join 100s of pragmatic teams

Software development and QA teams use Currents to debug, troubleshoot and analyse parallel CI tests in Cloud. Cypress or Playwright

Why Currents?

Cost-efficient cloud dashboard to manage the complexity of running Cypress and Playwright tests at scale

Supporting Playwright and Cypress
Trusted by hundreds of teams
Seamless Integration
All features included

More value, up to x3 lower rates

Annual (1 month for free)
$US40/ month

10 team members

10K monthly / 120K yearly tests

$4 per 1K tests + $4 for extra 1K tests

All features included

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