Cloud Dashboard for Playwright

January 27, 2023 by Andrew Goldis

Debug and Monitor your Playwright Tests in Cloud

While helping our customers to run their cypress tests in cloud we noticed that there is a significant interest in Playwright tests as well.

Some customers moved away from Cypress, but told us that they are willing to have a similar kind of experience that Currents provide.

So we decided to add Playwright to our list of supported frameworks. 🚀

Currents Support for Playwright

We are happy to announce a public beta release of our integration with Playwright - an emerging and already popular tool to automate Chromium, Firefox and WebKit with a single, developer-friendly API.

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Playwright vs Cypress

Why not Playwright and Cypress? You can choose your favorite tool and run your tests on CI with both frameworks that are supported by Currents.

Debug Playwright or Cypress Tests in Cloud

Currents is a great productivity amplifier for your team. Your talented team can build internal tools for managing your CI tests, but you can also use Currents to debug, monitor and manage your tests in cloud.

Debug, troubleshoot and monitor your tests, integrate with Slack, GitHub etc, and also get insights, metrics and reports about your runs, spec files, tests, flakiness, failure rate.

  • See all the information in one place - git commit, branch, author, CI details, test results, artifacts, etc.

  • Debug the failed executions with cloud-hosted tools - screenshots, videos, terminal output, logs and time-travel traces

  • Get actionable results right in Slack or GitHub PR Comments

  • Get rid of flaky annoying tests that spend your team's time and energy with the integrated flakiness management tools

  • Monitoring regressions in your test suite performance with automated reports and proactive alerts

  • Get insights, metrics and reports about your CI builds, spec files, or individual tests. Answers questions like:

    • Show me the flakiest tests from the last 30 days for main branch
    • What is the average run duration? Did it change recently?
    • What are the top failing tests in the suite?
    • How did the test suite performance change over time?
    • Has our test suite performance improved over time?

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