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HTTP Webhooks

HTTP Webhooks for Playwright and Cypress tests dashboard
Enabling HTTP Webhook Integration will trigger an HTTP POST request to an endpoint of your choice.
Currents will send a POST request for the following lifecycle event of Cypress or Playwright tests run:
  • a new run starts
  • a run finishes
  • a run times out
  • a run is cancelled
Please note: The endpoint should be publicly accessible


Example of HTTP POST request with cypress tests run data

curl --location --request POST '' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{
"event": "RUN_START",
"runUrl": "",
"buildId": "demo-build-cdx3314",
"commit": {
"authorEmail": "[email protected]",
"authorName": "John Doe",
"defaultBranch": "main",
"branch": "feature-A",
"message": "feat: change button color",
"remoteOrigin": "",
"sha": "5a7edc9a156e417068060d67109021351fc7d9b8"
"failures": 0,
"flaky": 0,
"overall": 1,
"passes": 1,
"pending": 0,
"retries": 0,
"skipped": 0

HTTP Webhook Integration payload schema

runUrl: string; // currents dashoard run URL
buildId: string; // as reported by CI
groupId: string; // only for multigroup runs
tags: string[];
commit: {
sha: string | null;
branch: string | null;
authorName: string | null;
authorEmail: string | null;
message: string | null;
remoteOrigin: string | null;
defaultBranch: string | null;
overall: number; // overall number of tests
passes: number; // number of passed tests
failures: number; // number of failed tests
pending: number; // number of pending tests
skipped: number; // number of skipped tests
retries: number; // number of test retries for the run
flaky: number; // number of flaky tests for the run