Amanda Bennicasa
Amanda Bennicasa

Customer Success Story:

Customer Success Story:

Explore Runa's decision to move away from Selenium and REST Assured to Playwright and how Currents was a key component in enhancing team collaboration, reducing test flakiness, and speeding up tests and release times.

Introduction, a London-based fintech, provides digital infrastructure for payouts, rewards, and incentives experiences. Runa operates in more than 30 countries and 18 currencies, supporting business expansions and modernizing how customers manage and transfer money.

Runa is committed to ensuring the quality and reliability of its services and recognizes the importance of a robust testing infrastructure. Their journey towards finding Currents began with acknowledging challenges in their existing testing tools. It led to a strategic decision to transition away from Selenium and Rest Assured to more efficient and modern test automation solutions.

Testing Challenges

Runa faced several challenges in their testing procedures and sought a solution that could address these key pain points:

  • Limited collaboration between developers and QA engineers.
  • Manual intervention required for every release, leading to bottlenecks and a time-consuming test results analysis.
  • Difficulty in identifying root causes of failures.
  • Lack of historical test data to define and implement future improvements.

Discovering Currents' Capabilities

Runa discovered Currents while exploring options for reporting tools compatible with Playwright. After trialing it for Runa's APIs and UI tests, the team concluded that Currents not only met their needs but also did so in a cost-efficient manner.

Runa was intrigued by Currents' simplified integration, robust reporting features, and the responsiveness of the team behind it. This gave them immense confidence to proceed with its implementation.

Fast Implementation

Runa successfully integrated Currents with 10 Playwright projects within a single day. However, for a few projects, the integration process took slightly longer - two days. In these cases, Runa ran tests inside a Docker container, requiring additional custom code to report GIT variables. Despite this obstacle, the support from the Currents team proved invaluable, enabling them to achieve seamless integration.

Tangible results

As a result of implementing Currents, Runa has experienced significant benefits across its testing processes:

  • Reduced test flakiness: With Currents' comprehensive reporting, Runa was able to identify and mitigate flaky tests.
  • Faster release times: Detailed reporting facilitated quick diagnosis of issues like problematic code merges.
  • Improved test speed: Parallelism and insights into execution times provided improvement opportunities.
  • Enhanced collaboration: Developers and QA engineers seamlessly share insights and test results.

If we did not have Currents, analyzing our release test failures would have been painful, organizing results from all teams at one place to do a health check would also have been challenging.

Madhulika Mitra - QA Manager

Positive Experience

Runa credits Currents team as instrumental in their success.

The technical and account support teams were very prompt and supported us whenever we were stuck. One of the most responsive customer teams I have come across so far.

Madhulika Mitra - QA Manager

Moreover, Runa considers Currents Dashboard as super reliable and comprehensive.

Getting a true health check for our automation tests at one place with such amazing detailing for failure analysis has only been possible with Currents.


Currents significantly improved Runa's testing capabilities and resolved their previous challenges. Its seamless integration, robust reporting features, and responsive support enabled Runa to streamline its testing processes effectively. As a result, Runa experienced reduced test flakiness, faster release times, and enhanced collaboration between teams. Ultimately, Currents played a critical role in enhancing Runa's testing efficiency and reliability.

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