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Amanda Bennicasa

Case Study: Planable

Case Study: Planable

Customer Success Story: How Planable Transformed Test Automation Efficiency with Currents

Introduction is a dynamic marketing collaboration tool that empowers teams to streamline their content creation process for various marketing channels. Their QA team faced challenges in their testing process, including prolonged feedback cycles and escalating costs. Seeking a solution, they adopted Currents, a test parallelization tool built on Sorry-Cypress. This case study explores the decision to implement Currents, its impact on Planable's testing process, and the benefits derived from the partnership.

Challenges Before Currents

Before engaging with Currents, Planable faced two primary challenges:

- Prolonged Feedback Cycles: Planable experienced delays in resolving issues due to extended feedback loops from their previous provider.

- Rising Testing Costs: Escalating testing costs raised concerns, prompting the need for a more cost-effective solution.

Successful Adoption of Currents

Planable's decision to adopt Currents was based on:

-Pilot Program Success: A successful pilot program with a subset of their team demonstrated Currents' immediate promise.

-Open-Source Foundation: Currents' foundation on Sorry-Cypress and positive testimonials from other teams fostered trust.

Significant Cost Reduction

Planable aimed to significantly reduce their reporting costs while retaining the capability to parallelize their builds. Their successful adoption of Currents resulted in an impressive 65% cost reduction without compromising service quality, reliability, visibility, or reporting.

Plug-and-Play Integration and Quick Onboarding

The migration to Currents was remarkably smooth and effortless for Planable. Currents' plug-and-play implementation is seamlessly integrated with their existing test suite. Within a few hours, they were fully onboarded and actively exploring its capabilities.

Use Cases

Planable's development and quality assurance teams actively utilize Currents for various purposes:

-Code Analysis: Reviewing test failures to identify faulty code.

-Test Stability: Assessing flake and failure rates to gauge test stability.

-Optimizing Performance: Monitoring run durations to improve spec file distribution.

-Project Health: Evaluating run statuses for an overview of project health.

Unlocking Efficiency, Collaboration, and Insights

The impact of Currents on Planable's test operations has been transformative.

-Runtime Reduction: By unlocking parallelism, they drastically reduced the runtime of their end-to-end testing suite from 2 hours and 45 minutes to just 10 minutes. This efficiency not only accelerated their work but also eliminated frustrating wait times.

-Enhanced Collaboration: Integration with GitHub and Slack improved collaboration, reducing PR merge times from days to hours.

-Invaluable Insights: The Currents dashboard provided early issue detection and precious insights.

Currents is a key player in our automated testing approach. It offers smooth collaboration, clear insights, and a promising roadmap, all without breaking the bank. We couldn't ask for more.

Alex Ursu - Lead QA Engineer at Planable

Product Stability, Reliability, and Exceptional Support

After two years of partnership, Planable continues to laud Currents for its rock-solid performance and reliability. They have experienced no major outages, and Currents consistently remains up-to-date with the latest test practices. Furthermore, Planable praises Currents' exceptional customer support, noting that their responses are prompt, professional, and relevant.

I always feel heard when I reach out to someone from the Currents team in case I have an idea for a feature or some product-related feedback I want to offer.

Alex Ursu - Lead QA Engineer at Planable


Currents has become an integral part of Planable's automated testing strategy, delivering seamless collaboration, clear insights, and a promising roadmap—all while maintaining cost-efficiency. Without Currents, Planable would still be grappling with prolonged feedback cycles, higher testing costs, and a lack of insights into their testing process.

Adopting Currents has not only addressed Planable's testing challenges but has also transformed their testing process into a more efficient one. Currents has consistently delivered reliability, support, and innovative features, positioning it as an indispensable tool in Planable's testing arsenal.

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