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Amanda Bennicasa

Case Study: Crunchbase

Case Study: Crunchbase

Customer success story: how Currents helped Crunchbase to scale their Cypress UI test suite while maintaining cost-effectiveness


Currents has been helping software companies to scale up their tests through a cost-effective framework-independent dashboard and a best-in-class support service. Among its hundreds of customers, Crunchbase highlights the pivotal role that Currents plays in their testing efforts, showcasing the importance of this partnership through notable outcomes, use cases, and benefits.

Crunchbase's Background and Challenges

Crunchbase provides intelligent prospecting software powered by live company data for salespeople, CEOs, and VCs to find and close deals. As an early adopters of cypress testing framework, they had been using another testing dashboard for a couple of years.

As their organization grew, they struggled with scaling their usage, as the tool did not align with their growing organization's needs and came at a steep price. Moreover, the added functionalities did not cater to their use cases, and increasing costs for irrelevant features left them dissatisfied and made them look for other alternatives.

Why Currents?

Crunchbase found the perfect match in Currents - a powerful test automation dashboard and a strong supporter of the open-source community. Currents offered the flexibility and scalability to meet their growing testing demands as well as essential features that aligned perfectly with Crunchbase's needs. Importantly, Currents' pricing structure was designed to be cost-effective for organizations of all sizes, providing Crunchbase with the ideal balance between functionality and affordability.

Currents came to the rescue and allowed us to continue using Cypress ecosystem in an affordable way and then got us up and running super fast.

Justin Appler - Sr. Director of Engineering at Crunchbase

Effortless Implementation and Smooth Onboarding

The adoption of Currents by Crunchbase brought about the smoothest and easiest onboarding experience they had encountered with any SaaS product.

Extremely extremely easy about as easy as it was possible. It was a drop in replacement for us. I think we were able to actually do the switch in hours, not days.

Justin Appler - Sr. Director of Engineering at Crunchbase

The responsive support from the Currents team allowed them to get up and running quickly, making the transition feel like a seamless drop-in replacement. The Currents team's exceptional support and guidance ensured that any encountered issues were quickly resolved, making the implementation journey straightforward and hassle-free. The immediate positive impact and assistance provided by Currents reinforced Crunchbase's decision to choose them as their test automation partner.

Currents saved the day - when our UI Testing bill started skyrocketing, they helped us ensure we could scale our usage and team without worry. We migrated in hours and never looked back....

Justin Appler - Sr. Director of Engineering at Crunchbase

Cost Reduction and Feature Compatibility

One of Crunchbase's primary goals with Currents was to reduce costs without compromising essential features and reliability. Currents delivered on this objective, providing a remarkable 35% reduction in expenses while maintaining the desired functionality. Furthermore, Currents allowed Crunchbase to add important and valuable features to their test operations, incorporating them into Currents' product roadmap and subsequent development.

Driving Testing Excellence

With Currents' intuitive dashboard and SSO support, Crunchbase gained easy access to track test runs, gather valuable insights, and monitor performance over time. This comprehensive view empowered Crunchbase's testing team to diagnose the UI test suite health and identify areas for improvement, such as reducing test flakiness, monitoring run duration, and analyzing failure rates. These metrics became instrumental in guiding the team's decision-making process and continuously improving their testing practices.

Reliability and Top-Class Support

Currents demonstrate exceptional reliability, offering uninterrupted service and ensuring that Crunchbase's testing operations run smoothly. In addition to its outstanding product performance, Currents' support team provides top-notch assistance. Effective communication, prompt responses, and timely resolution of any issues characterize the relationship between Crunchbase and Currents.

I can't remember a time where I feel like I didn't get an answer within minutes as opposed to hours or days.

Justin Appler - Sr. Director of Engineering at Crunchbase

The Crucial Role of Currents

Reflecting on the impact of not having Currents, Crunchbase acknowledged the potential need to reevaluate their testing infrastructure. Currents Dashboard became an indispensable asset, enabling Crunchbase to streamline their testing efforts, maintain cost efficiency, and leverage advanced automation technology. Without Currents, Crunchbase would have faced significant uncertainties in maintaining their testing costs.


Currents emerged as the ideal test automation partner for Crunchbase, providing a powerful and cost-effective solution. With Currents' seamless onboarding, responsive support, cost reduction, and compatibility with their testing needs, Crunchbase achieved streamlined test automation and enhanced cost-efficiency.

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