Dec 12, 2021

Cypress parallelization tools comparison

Laerte Neto

Laerte Neto

Cypress parallelization tools comparison

Overview of the best strategies for cypress tests parallelization and test execution tracking. I investigated Cypress Dashboard, Sorry Cypress, Currents, Cypress-Parallel, and a manual parallelization approach.

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Cypress Dashboard

Cypress Dashboard is the official tool offered and supported by the Cypress company itself. It brings a complete solution to setup parallelization with automatic load balance and it also brings a very interesting dashboard to follow test executions.

Cypress dashboard main page: Test and debug faster with the Cypress Dashboard

Steps to implement Cypress Dashboard in any CI provider: Parallelization | Cypress Documentation

Price and features: Pricing

With Cypress dashboard, we basically have:

It is used by big companies like Disney and PayPal. More features are being added in the Cypress Dashboard currently, so if you go over there you will see some new features with a tag “coming soon”.

Sorry Cypress / Currents

Sorry Cypress is probably the best known workaround solution/tool for Cypress Dashboard.

It brings the parallelization and flaky detection system with a way more simple dashboard to follow test executions.

Currents is the Sorry Cypress’ solution in cloud that provides you the tool without any setup.

Let’s resume some points by comparing it with Cypress Dashboard:



Cypress-Parallel plugin

The tool called cypress-parallel declares itself to reduce up to 40% your Cypress suite execution time parallelizing the test run on the same machine. It does not offer any dashboard or management solution, and it only runs test in parallel by using threads.



Manual CI Approach

This approach is basically to use your own CI provider infrastructure to run your tests in parallel and use the mockawesome reporter as the dashboard or another dashboard provider like Grafana. In this approach, we would basically spilt the tests by spec files on “n” machines by using the “spec” flag.




Cypress Dashboard is by far the most complete solution. However, it is expensive if compared with Sorry Cypress (free), which also brings some of the most relevant features that Cypress Dashboard has to guarantee a good parallelization approach and test management. Cypress-parallel is pretty new in the market, so at this point we would not consider it.

Besides the manual effort, the Manual CI Approach can also be something we can think about it as a backup solution (without any cost) if you decide to move on with Cypress Dashboard or Sorry Cypress/Currents. In this case, you may not even need to use it any time soon, so it may be a good free backup solution in case your main tool/solution is down for some reason.

Currents, from Sorry Cypress, can be something you could also keep in mind, because it brings Sorry Cypress in cloud, so you would not need to be worried about maintenance and updates. It was very fast and stable during my tests, which makes me very confident about it.

Therefore, if you want the official and most complete solution with total support by Cypress, and that it is already used by big companies, and money is not the problem, go on with Cypress Dashboard. However, if you are looking for something that is also good, and without lots of analytics, but that does the job and offers a pretty decent dashboard as well, go with Sorry Cypress (using your own infrastructure) or Currents (for a cloud solution without any setup). Finally, there is always the Manual CI Approach without any financial cost, that may be also interesting to use it as a backup solution that maybe will not even be used on a daily bases.

Thanks for reading!