Andrew Goldis
Andrew Goldis

Currents has joined TinySeed

Currents has joined TinySeed

Currents is a TinySeed company! We are joining a year-long accelerator program and a strong community of ambitious founders of bootstrapped SaaS companies

I am excited to announce that Currents has joined TinySeed! πŸŽ‰

TinySeed is a venture fund and a community focused exclusively on bootstrapped B2B SaaS companies. Together with another 16 companies, Currents is now part of TinySeed Fall 2022 batch.

Currents is joining a year-long remote accelerator program, becoming a part of a strong community of passionate founders, gains access to a vast network of mentors and leaders.

Why TinySeed?

Back in 2019, when I started working on sorry-cypress, I was just trying to solve my problem. A few years later, after spending many hours on maintenance, new features, documentation, and support, I realized that:

  • I need to justify investing so much time into the project
  • The demand for an alternative cypress dashboard is real

I never planned for sorry-cypress to become a business, but the reality was that for companies it is much easier to buy a SaaS product rather than sponsor a small-scale open-source project. That's how Currents started.

During the same period, I started exploring the indie SaaS movement. The balanced approach was appealing to me: independent, small, effective teams, driven by a desire to help customers and create helpful products while not being pushed to achieve super-growth imposed by financial commitments.

TinySeed - The First Accelerator for Ambitious SaaS Bootstrappers
TinySeed - The First Accelerator for Ambitious SaaS Bootstrappers

I discovered online communities like Indiehackers and MicroConf - those were great resources for getting ideas and inspiration. Joining TinySeed was a natural continuation of my journey and a perfect fit for Currents, given the nature of the business and its operations.

What's next?

Joining TinySeed unlocks many opportunities for Currents. Hoping to use the newly available resources to unlock more powerful tools for software development teams, using Cypress as a platform - for a balanced and fair price. We are also curious to explore other platforms that have traits similar to Cypress.

On a tactical level, we are looking to expand the team, improve operations, and positioning; reach more people that can benefit from using Currents.

Wait, the team?

Yes, there's a small team behind Currents - it's myself, Andrew Goldis the founder, Masha - a support specialist, administrator (and the best possible life partner of mine), and 2 very talented software developers.

What other companies are in the batch?

Currents is joining TinySeed Fall 22 Americas batch and a portfolio of other companies that represent 1-2% of overall applicants to the program. Watch the official announcement.

Beyondware β€” (Utah) Beyondware is focused on making better 3D visualization tools for transportation and other infrastructure projects. Commit Swimming β€” (Pennsylvania) Commit Swimming brings 21st-century digital products to the sport by delivering swim team management software that is simple and powerful

Event Cost Sheet β€” (Florida) Event Cost Sheet makes it easier for teams to plan, manage, and run events. The software simplifies how teams work with costs, collaborate, and communicate with their clients.

GemRate β€” (New York) GemRate is providing a new suite of data, tools, and APIs for the collectibles industry to increase transparency and help collectors make more informed decisions.

GlitchSecure β€” (Manitoba, Canada) GlitchSecure helps companies secure their products and infrastructure through real-time continuous security testing.

Hammerstone β€” (Texas and California) Hammerstone’s visual query builder is a drop in component for Laravel and Rails that makes filtering your data painless. It seamlessly integrates into your existing application, allowing you or your customers easy access to complicated data models.

Nirby β€” (Valparaiso, Chile) Online platform that allows companies to create powerful interactive video-experiences that drive conversion, by combining the best of social media videos, with the power of bots.

OnlySales CRM β€” (Florida) OnlySales CRM helps connect the private health insurance industry with their leads, with custom SMS sequences and followups to ensure agents are able to reach every one of their contacts.

Orderflo β€” (Tennessee and North Carolina) Orderflo helps e-commerce merchants create better long-term relationships with their customers through the first all-in-one customer experience and workflow platform.

Postpone β€” (Wisconsin) Postpone is the Reddit post scheduler for content creators. It helps creators gain more followers, make more sales, and automate sharing their content on Reddit.

Savio β€” (Nova Scotia and British Columbia, Canada) Savio helps B2B SaaS teams centralize, organize, and prioritize product feedback to build high-ROI features for their most important customers.

StatusGator β€” (New York and Pennsylvania) StatusGator monitors all your cloud vendors, gives your team a unified status page, and alerts you when services go down. β€” (British Columbia and Ontario, Canada) Stratosphere is the cleanest source of financial data on the internet. Investors can research public companies 90x faster with up to 35 years of financials and the KPIs that drive the business.

Textual β€” (Idaho) Any brand can generate new revenue by giving customers a friction-free way to buy products with a single text message. Textual creates clearance sales, Weekly/Daily Deals, VIP clubs, flexible subscriptions and more.

Tupcan β€” (Queensland, Australia) Tupcan exposes conversion issues and opportunities on eCommerce websites. The platform automatically provides an actionable list of items, ordered by revenue impact, so the team can get to work executing on improvements rather than analysis and reporting.

VerificationManager β€” (Pennsylvania and Arizona) VerificationManager provides secure, automated processing of verification of income and verification of employment requests without the need for social security numbers. The service is completely free for employers and includes a seamless integration with most HR/payroll systems.

Europe Batch

Anchorpoint β€” (Germany) Anchorpoint is an asset manager for 3D-artists and designers, that helps them to better organize their tasks and project files.

Desku β€” (India) Desku aims to help Small and medium size businesses uplift their customer support and customer experience with the help of live chat, automations, and a no code chatbot builder.

FindyMail β€” (France) Findymail helps B2B salespeople build lead lists faster by finding more accurate emails and automating the tedious tasks of prospecting.

Frontend Mentor β€” (UK) Frontend Mentor helps people improve their coding skills by building projects, as well as connecting companies with their community of developers through their Hiring Platform.

JETPLAN β€” (Germany) JETPLAN helps electrical contractors to streamline their entire installation planning process and get offers accepted faster with less effort.

Plainly β€” (Serbia) Plainly is a tool that allows businesses to create automated video creation workflows and increase their marketing output, scale up personalized sales, or improve internal communications.

Press Publish β€” (UK) The audience for news has never been larger, yet reaching valuable readers has never been more difficult. Press Publish helps content creators build loyal audiences by collecting, optimizing and delivering content to the world’s biggest news platforms.

Stridist β€” (UAE and UK) Stridist is an all in one platform that fitness and nutrition professionals use to market, sell and deliver their services to clients all over the world.

Tracker β€” (UK) Tracker helps businesses deal with their order/inventory management, particularly across manufacturing and/or multi-channel selling.