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Playwright - GitLab CI/CD

Running Playwright test in parallel using GitLab CI/CD
TL;DR take a look at the example repository:
The example .gitlab-ci.yml file creates a GitLab CI pipeline with 3 workers using 3 Playwright Shards:
# .gitlab-ci.yml
- test
stage: test
parallel: 3
- npm ci
- npx playwright install
- cd ./basic
- npx pwc --key $CURRENTS_RECORD_KEY --project-id bnsqNa --shard=$CI_NODE_INDEX/$CI_NODE_TOTAL
Running 3 parallel jobs Playwright jobs in GitLab CI


Additional resources:

GitLab CI Playwright Results

The results are being reported to Currents for more efficient troubleshooting, and monitoring test suite flakiness and performance.
Currents will collect the following information:
  • console output
  • screenshots
  • videos
  • trace files
  • timing
  • outcomes
  • flaky tests
  • error details
  • tags for more convenient management of the tests

GitLab Merge Request Notes

When GitLab integration is enabled, Currents will post a Merge Commit note with run results:
Currents Merge Request Notes
In addition, Currents will post an External Status check for every Playwright project configured. For example:
Example of GitLab CI External Status Check