Cypress - Bitbucket Pipelines

Running Cypress tests in parallel on Bitbucket Pipelines and Currents dashboard
TL;DR Check out the example repository:
The example config file:
npx cypress-cloud --key $CURRENTS_RECORD_KEY --parallel


  • Create an account at
  • Get your Record Key and set Secure Bitbucket Pipeline variable CURRENTS_RECORD_KEY
  • Get your Project ID and update the contents of currents.config.js
  • Follow the install instructions for cypress-cloud package
  • Use CLI arguments to customize your cypress-cloud runs, e.g.: npx cypress-cloud run --parallel --record --key <your key> --group groupA
  • Note: Currents will automatically detect CI Build ID for Bitbucket Pipeline execution. Read the guide for more advanced use cases.
  • Note: Refer to the recent Pipeline executions to see the setup in action

Adding Bitbucket status check

Currents integration with Bitbucket posts runs progress and outcome for every Bitbucket Pipeline invocation:

Using Alternative Cypress Binaries

Currents team is maintaining an alternative version of the MIT-licensed Cypress test runner, compatible in features and open for using with recording services like Sorry Cypress and Currents.