Flaky Tests
Guide to Cypress Flaky Tests

What is flaky cypress test?

Flaky cypress test is a tests that did not succeed from the first attempt. Flaky tests are marked with a special badge on run, spec and individual test level.
Cypress Run Summary with 1 flaky test detected

How to activate flaky tests detection?

Flaky tests are automatically activated for all cypress tests with retries enabled. When a test has retries enabled and doesn't not pass from the first attempt, it will be marked as flaky.

Why are flaky tests bad?

Flaky tests are considered harmful because:
  • You cannot trust them - neither system / component under test nor the test itself are reliable
  • Even if flaky tests pass, your end users can experience intermittent issues
  • Flaky tests increase the duration of your tests suite

How to get rid of flaky tests?

  • Examine the outcomes of your runs to see what tests are flaky and eliminate the source of flakiness.
  • Use our Flaky Tests Insights to see the tests with highest flakiness rate
Cypress Top Flaky Tests Insights