Run Status
Details about different states that a Currents dashboard run can have
Each run represents a build in your CI system. Technically, each runs is associated with a unique Cypress CI Build ID and represents a collection of
  • Cypress spec files
  • Cypress tests results
  • Machines
  • Metadata like git metadata and environment details
During its lifecycle a run can have various states:
  • Running - a default state for newly created runs.
  • Cancelled - a run was cancelled. See Cancel Run for details.
  • ⚡️Cancelled - a run was cancelled due to Fail Fast strategy. See
  • Timeout - a run exceeded the timeout threshold for the project. See Run Timeoutsfor details.
  • Failed - a run reported all the results and has 1 or more failed tests.
  • Passed - a run reported all the results and has 0 failed tests.
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