Troubleshooting Playwright integration with Currents
If you are experiencing issues with using @currents/playwright, please submit a support request either via in-app support chat.
Please collect the following information to help us effectively debug the problem:
  • The associated dashboard run URL
  • Screenshots if applicable
  • Your setup method and configuration files
  • The exact command used to run
  • Environment information (use the command below)
npx envinfo --system --binaries --browsers --npmPackages --duplicates --npmGlobalPackages
  • Activate debug mode and collect the logs
Please capture and share the whole debug log - that will help the support person identify the root cause faster
playwright test
# on Linux
npx pwc --pwc-debug ...
# on Windows
cmd /V /C npx pwc --pwc-debug ...
# on Linux
CURRENTS_PROJECT_ID=PROJECT_ID \ // the projectId from
CURRENTS_RECORD_KEY=RECORD_KEY \ // the record key from
CURRENTS_CI_BUILD_ID=hello-currents \ // a unique CI build ID
DEBUG=currents* \
npx playwright test
# on Windows
## - set the environment variables first
cmd /V /C ^
set DEBUG=currents* ^
set CURRENTS_PROJECT_ID=project_id&& ^
set CURRENTS_RECORD_KEY=record_key&& ^
set CURRENTS_CI_BUILD_ID=unique_build_id
## - the run the command
npx playwright test ...
## - examine environment variables using "set" command