You First Cypress Run

Running cypress tests in parallel with Currents dashboard
Setting up Currents for running and recording cypress tests in parallel can be done seamlessly within a few minutes.
Here's an overview of what steps you'll need to take to start running cypress tests in parallel using the Currents dashboard:
  • Create an organization and a project
  • Update cypress.json or cypress.config.js with the newly created projectId
  • Install cypress and @currents/cli npm packages
  • Use currents CLI command to create your first run
  • Update your CI provider configuration

Create New Organization and a Project

After signing up for the dashboard service, you will be prompted to create a new organization and a project. You can change the name later.
Creating Organization and Project in Currents dashboard
After creating a new organization and a project, you'll see on-screen instructions with your newly created projectId

Update Cypress configuration

Please note: If you don't have cypress project ready, please clone a demo repository with predefined cypress tests and GitHub actions integration.
Edit Cypress configuration and set the projectId of the newly created project.
const { defineConfig } = require('cypress')
module.exports = defineConfig({
projectId: 'a3dS2a'
import { defineConfig } from 'cypress'
export default defineConfig({
projectId: 'a3dS2a'
"projectId": "a3dS2a"

Install @currents/cli and cypress npm packages

Please note: cypress versions 6.7.0+ are supported
Use your favourite NodeJS package manager to install @currents/cli and cypress packages.
npm install @currents/cli cypress

Create your first cypress run

Run currents command to create your first cypress run in Currents dashboard.
npx currents run \
--parallel \
--record \
--key RECORD_KEY \
--ci-build-id hello-currents
Running this command will create a new run in Currents dashboard.
Creating first cypress run with Currents dashboard
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Update your CI provider configuration

To unlock the full power of Currents dashboard, update your CI provider configuration to use Currents for running your cypress tests in parallel.
Please read our Parallelization Guide and check out few CI Setup examples for popular CI tools.