What is Currents?

A cloud recording service for Playwright and Cypress tests
Currents is a cloud service that helps QA and software teams debug, troubleshoot and analyze their parallel CI Playwright and Cypress CI tests.
Currents Dashboard - debug, troubleshoot and analyze their parallel CI Playwright and Cypress CI tests.
With Currents, you can run your tests in parallel on the CI provider of your choice - Currents will collect the results, distributed between multiple parallel machines, for further investigation and collecting analytics. Currents unlocks running and orchestrating parallel Cypress tests and also is compatible with Playwright native sharding.
Currents is a CI-agnostic service to collect results of parallel e2e tests
With convenient access to troubleshooting tools:
  • screenshots
  • videos
  • console logs
  • Playwright Traces
combined with flakiness detection and contextual information like test results history, duration, failure, flakiness and top errors, your team gets better control and resolves CI failures and flakiness more efficiently.
Currents help to debug failed and flaky CI E2E tests
Currents - detecting flakiness
Currents helps software teams to manage their test suite beyond a single failure - we collect and aggregate test results, providing actionable, fine-tuned insights and periodic reports that QA and software team leads and directors use to drive organization-wise testing-related goals.
Currents - actionable analytics and insights
Currents is the #1 alternative to Cypress Dashboard, compatible with Playwright, and based on the popular open-source project Sorry Cypress. We have been helping hundreds of companies of different sizes - startups and enterprises to manage their test suite, providing high-quality support and ever-evolving solutions.
Currents has been helping hundreds of companies - startups and enterprises