Running cypress tests in parallel on Gitlab CI/CD

Running cypress tests in parallel on GitLab CI/CD

GitLab CI/CD platform allows effectively running your cypress test in parallel, using multiple containers and Currents for tests orchestration.
In order to run cypress tests in parallel, define parallel jobs parameter in GitLab CI/CD pipeline configuration file.
GitLab will run the jobs on multiple containers - each container will run a unique set of tests using Currents orchestration service. Currents applies intelligent optimizations and sorts the test to reduce overall runtime of the pipeline.
Using Gitlab CI/CD parallel jobs for running cypress tests in parallel

How to setup GitLab CI/CD to run Cypress Tests in parallel?

To run cypress tests in parallel on GitLab CI/CD please consider taking a look at the example repository we have created.
The example CI config file:
  • runs 3 containers with cypress tests in parallel
  • installs cypress-cloud npm package and cypress-cloud/plugin plugin
  • Note: set your projectId from in currents.config.js
  • Note: use CLI arguments to customize your cypress runs, e.g.: cypress-cloud run --parallel --record --key <your key> --group groupA
  • Note: create a project, get your record key on and set CURRENTS_RECORD_KEY GitLab CI/CD variable for the project