If you are experiencing issues with using @currents/cli or cypress-cloud, please submit a support request either via in-app support chat or on GitHub:
Please collect the following information to help us effectively debug the problem Share the output as part of a ticket or conversation with a support person.
Please capture and share the whole debug log - that will help the support person identify the root cause faster
  • Get the (CI) environment information
npx envinfo --system --binaries --browsers --npmPackages --duplicates --npmGlobalPackages
  • Activate debug mode and collect the logs
# on Linux
DEBUG=currents:*,cypress:* npx cypress-cloud run ...
# on Windows
cmd /V /C "set DEBUG=currents:*,cypress:*&& npx cypress-cloud run ..."
# on Linux
DEBUG=cy2*,cypress:* npx currents run ...
# on Windows
cmd /V /C "set DEBUG=cy2*,cypress:*&& npx currents run ..."