Cypress 12

Cypress 12 and Currents Dashboard
Please note
Make sure to use the latest versions that are compatible with Cypress 12
  • npm install @currents/[email protected]
  • npm install cy2
  • cypress-cloud is compatible with all Cypress versions and is a complete rewrite of cloud orchestration services integration

Cypress 12 Changes

Version 12.0.0 of Cypress runner was released on Dec 06, 2022. The new release introduced a new packaging method for their package.
Starting from version 12.0.0 cypress is installed with a pre-compiled serialized v8 bytecode file. As claimed, using the bytecode file should improve startup and unzip time.
The pre-compiled binary file also has a series of embedded integrity checks. The checks would throw an exception after detecting a change in the package.
This directly affects Currents and Sorry Cypress integration with cypress runner. Both slightly modify the contents of the package, changing the API endpoint URL - so every developer or company can use their own cloud service.

Cypress 12 and Currents/Sorry Cypress

The new architecture introduced a breaking change. Please refer to the reference table to find a compatible version of @currents/cli, cy2 and @currents/nx .