Currents CLI
Using currents CLI tool for running cypress tests with Currents dashboard
currents CLI tool is a lightweight wrapper for cypress command. It allows running cypress tests and using Currents dashboard for parallelization and recording of the tests.
currents CLI is available as part of @currents/cli NPM package.
Please note:currents needs cypress to work correctly - so you will need to install both packages from NPM
npm install @currents/cli cypress

How to use currents CLI?

Use currents the same way you're using cypress commands - it accepts exactly the same flags. In fact, currents is just running cypress behind the scenes.
$ npx currents --help ✖ ✹ ✭
[currents] Running cypress with API URL:
Usage: cypress <command> [options]
-v, --version prints Cypress version
-h, --help display help for command
help Shows CLI help and exits
version prints Cypress version
open [options] Opens Cypress in the interactive GUI.
run [options] Runs Cypress tests from the CLI without the GUI
open-ct [options] Opens Cypress component testing interactive mode.
run-ct [options] Runs all Cypress Component Testing suites
install [options] Installs the Cypress executable matching this package's version
verify [options] Verifies that Cypress is installed correctly and executable
cache [options] Manages the Cypress binary cache
info [options] Prints Cypress and system informationbas
Please note: currents CLI is intended to be used in CI environments, using it for running cypress tests interactively is not recommended
Behind the scenes, currents CLI tools changes the configuration of cypress runner to use Currents servers ( for parallelization and recordings.

How to use @currents/cli programmatically?

@currents/cli package uses behind the scenes. It reconfigures cypress runner to use a different dashboard service.
You can also use cy2 directly and specify as an alternative dashboard.
For example:
#!/usr/bin/env node
const { patch } = require('cy2');
const cypress = require('cypress')
async function main() {
await patch('');
// run Cypress as usual
// Cypress config goes here

How to revert the changes to Cypress configuration?

Remove cypress NPM package and reinstall it from scratch - that will restore the original cypress configuration.
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How to use currents CLI?
How to use @currents/cli programmatically?
How to revert the changes to Cypress configuration?